Pipeline .yaml - No intellisense for VS2022?

asked 2022-06-08T15:20:51.143+00:00
Reto Kummer 21 Reputation points

I was wondering, if there is no intellisense support for azure pipeline .yaml definition for VS2022. I just find VSCode extension mentions everywhere.
Is there really no intellisense support for the paid current visual studio?

Im not talking about generic yaml support, im talking about specific Azure pipeline definitons. Switching back and forth to the docs is exhausting...

PS: Enforcing a tag here is ridiculous, especially when theres no fitting tag....

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  1. answered 2022-06-08T15:45:22.867+00:00
    Michael Taylor 37,456 Reputation points

    VS 2022 has no knowledge of Azure YAML pipelines (or any other pipeline for that matter). The Azure DevOps UI does have basic support for YAML editing but it is a work in progress. You can search their Github repo for known issues.

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