Office Online Server Edit Mode Scrolling Bug

Jason T 11 Reputation points


Recently we upgraded our OOS from nov 2016 to nov 2018 release.

We noticed the scrolling is ridiculously fast in edit mode compared to read mode.

To a point where we cannot highlight any text near the top or bottom of the page because The moment our mouse moved a tiny bit, the document will fly all the way to first page or last page if we start highlight from bottom area.

Furthermore its even worse if user zoom in the browser to 150%. Its basically unusable in edit mode...

Our browser is Microsoft Edge v81 and OOS is patched to Aug 2020.

Thank you!

Microsoft Office Online Server
Microsoft Office Online Server
Microsoft on-premises server product that runs Office Online. Previously known as Office Web Apps Server.
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  1. Koen Reynaert 6 Reputation points

    Same issue here on latest release. Some people (of potentially 55.000 co-workers) are complaining. I can't provide any workarounds (giving new PC mouses will not help either :) ).

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  2. Steven Bruneel 6 Reputation points

    We are experiencing the same issue in de OneNote web app.

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  3. Itch Sun-MSFT 2,531 Reputation points

    Hi All,

    I am still working on this issue, and I will update it in this post once there is new progress.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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  4. MSUser 6 Reputation points

    It is now 2 years after that bug has been reported and the issue still persists! I am editing a larger important document and it drives me crazy not to be able to select text properly. How can a bug affecting the most basic user handling still not be fixed?! Selecting text in the center of the screen is really not a satisfactory fix as the scroll behaviour is quite sensitive even there.

    Please finally fix this, seriously Microsoft we are paying for your products, this is really not too much to ask.

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  5. Itch Sun-MSFT 2,531 Reputation points

    Hi @Jason T
    In my test, your problem is not reproduced. I also updated to nov 2018 release. The scrolling speed of the mouse wheel is normal.

    Please make sure your mouse wheel is not damaged

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