Tab not reload when it is changed to another tab then gets back, in Microsoft Teams on Mobile platform.

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My Application in Microsoft Teams needs to reload the tab whenever an action occurs on which tab, to update state information in the tab. On the web platform, it's fine cause it will reload the tab as its behavior. But, not on the mobile platform, it's not reloaded again when going to the other tabs then getting back to it once it's had been loaded.

I knew that by default, mobile necessarily reduces data bandwidth by not reloading the tab in dozen times.
In my point of view, Are there any config options in the manifest file to reload that tab? or Is there any way to solve this issue?


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  1. Nivedipa-MSFT 2,006 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    There is no any config option available in the manifest file to reload the tab.

    Ref Doc:

    Could you please raise an user voice here: Microsoft Teams · Community


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