How to consolidate 4 tenants into new tenant

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I have this project where I have to consolidate 4 tenants into new tenant. What are the considerations, pitfalls, etc that I should be aware of?

This includes moving all apps to new tenant, users and policies, azure AD, m365 products. I'm thinking of using Quest on demand for this.

Appreciate your response as always.

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    Your welcome @Biju Thankappan

    I would recommend that you can have a support case for proactive support/assistance from an Azure engineer then, you need to double-check that you have the right resource providers on the target tenant.

    Furthermore, you have the enough quota/capacity as well on the target tenant. Keep in mind that you need to prepare a MOP file(Method of procedure) to perform this on a maintenance window.

    You may need to recreate some resource on the target one since there could be a transfer limitation as you might consult on the next links below:


    Having said that., I want to bring back one of your statements that was related to the license... Per license you will have X or Y feature available to use as well as a certain amount of Azure AD/O365 attributes/objects so you will need to review this by doing an assessment or when preparing the MOP file...

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    Hello @Biju Thankappan

    Thank you for your post.

    For this specific scenario you can direct yourself to the following article below:

    Migrate an environment to a different tenant
    You can use the tenant-to-tenant migration feature to request an environment in one tenant be moved* to another tenant. This feature enables customers to support the following cases:
    Consolidate multiple tenants under one tenant
    Support acquisition from Company A to Company B

    Looking forward to your feedback,

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