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Hi Microsoft,

Hi have a cluster 2022 SERVER CLUSTER with DataCenter Edition with 20 VMS on a BIG CLIENT.

Some VMS are with the version 2022 DATACENTER.. FULLY UPDATED TO 20H2 VERSION

The VMs that have FULL UPDATE and host REMOTE DESKTOP GATEWAY start doing a very borring issue.

All of the CLIENT USERS are connect via REMOTE APP SSL .. after UPDATES if the user stays IDLE for some time the screen BLINKS but it does not lose conection...

All of others VMS that have REMOTE DESKTOP GATEWAY and dont have the Updates on the same cluster .. are WORKING OK with no BLINKs..

I instaled a new VM with 2022 server no UPDATES .. instaled RDS and Gateway .. IT WORKS ..

I Instaled a new VM with 2019 SERVER on the same CLUSTER .. IT WORKS ..

I nstaled a new VM .. with 2022 SEVRVER do all the UDPDATES on it until 20H2 .. Instaled RDS Gateway .. IT BLINKS ..

It only does it with REMOTE APP .. with RDP SESSION it works fine .. no blinks .. no network error .. all OK ..

Only on RemoteAPP .. only on 2022 SERVER DATACENTER ..FULLY UPDATED..

Mircrosoft .. please do something about it .. a quick fix..

Updates that brokes REMOTE APP RDP is very problematic for your partners..

Pls advise and Best Regards

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Remote Desktop
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Windows Server
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    Hi Guys ..

    For all reading .. in the future that have this problem / BUG on 2022 SERVER .. (that it will be corrected for sure in the future by an update of Microsoft .. how long??!?!? no one knows :) )


    And YES .. the NAT of UDP 3389 and 3391 was on .. it was always on and working on earlier version and without updates..

    BUT PLEASE MICROSOFT .. resolve it on a WINDOWS UPDATE .. UDP is needed for big projects it was better performance.Best Regards

    Share is the KEY For IT.

    Best Regards

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