Printers installed from print server show driver unavailable?

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Hello everyone,

I have a print server that manages one or it shares the printer. Right now the printer on the print server is configured to use WSD which I guess it has been this way long before I took over. Whenever our customer goes to install the printer it installs on their computer but it says driver is unavaiable and due to this error I am unable to make the printer the default printer on the clients computer. The customers who can print to this printer are having print jobs stuck in the queue and nothing is able to print. I wanted to change the port in printer properties on the print server to TCP/IP but I am unsure if this will require that customers reinstall the printer. I would like to fix this without forcing a reinstall if possible.

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Windows Server Printing
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    Hi EricLopez-1611,

    Switching the printer to TCP/IP should not require a reinstallation of the printer or driver. I have recently done this with a USB printer to TCP/IP and it was seamless when searching for the printer. You will however, need to configure each PC to see the printer via TCP/IP.

    I would suggest that you have prints stuck in the print spooler and that's why no one else can print to it at the moment.

    My recommendation would be to set up the printer as TCP/IP so that all users can print to it directly and install it easily.


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