Windows server 2012 or 2022 OCSP request hashAlgorithm using sha256

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I wanted to know if there is a way of configuring a Windows server 2012 or 2022 that is running a CA responder to accept OCSP request hashAlgorithm using (sha256). I know the RFC standard is to use SHA1. The reason is that I have a cisco firewall and cisco no longer send the OCSP request hashAlgorthm using SHA1, but now they only use SHA256. This then causes us to get an unauthorised response from the CA responder.

I wanted to see if there is support for us to allow the CA Responder to accept the OCSP request using sha256, either in the configuration or changing a registry key.

Thank you in advance

Windows Server Security
Windows Server Security
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Windows Server 2012
A Microsoft server operating system that supports enterprise-level management, data storage, applications, and communications.
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