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Can someone confirm how the below configuration is expected to work, as far as clients are concerned:

approx. 200 IP subnets exist in the environment - however these are not listed in AD Sites and Services - Subnets
approx. 50 of those have been added as SCCM boundaries
1 AD Site exists in AD. This has been added as SCCM boundary
Sample client is in the same AD Site as the AD Site boundary

AD Forest Discovery is configured only to sync Sites, not Subnets

We have a client that has an IP that is NOT in any of the manually added IP Range boundaries. CMtrace and LocationServices.log is reporting it is not in a boundary group and Config. Mgr is not managing it anymore.

So my question is, if a device has an IP who's subnet is not added as a Boundary, but is in the same AD Site as the AD Site Boundary, why is it reporting that it's not in a Boundary Group? Is the AD Site Boundary a catch-all, or a discard-all?

Both the IP ranges and AD Site that are Boundaries do belong to a Boundary Group.


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    First is is recommend that you only use IP Ranges for all of your boundaries.
    Next you say that not all subnets are listed within AD, what makes you think that this computers' subnet is within that AD sites?

  2. Jason Sandys 30,881 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    No subnets have been added to AD

    This is the key detail here. If your AD site has no subnets added to it, then nothing falls within the scope of that AD site and thus no ConfigMgr clients will be detected as part of a boundary based on this AD site either.

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