Enabling Basic Authentication Scheme in Windows Registry

asked 2022-06-16T15:19:46.63+00:00
Raja Rao Sripathi 1 Reputation point

I need help from this forum on how I could possibly persist the Basic Authentication Scheme within Windows Registry. I am logging into a Windows 10 device with restricted access to modify registry entries. I have local admin access on the virtual desktop and with that I am successfully able to modify AuthSchemes key to add basic alongside ntlm and negotiated. With this modification, I am able to see the credentials popup in Edge browser. However, after sometime I am noticing that basic entry is going missing and the credentials window is no longer popping up. Could any of you please help me with this in case you have experienced the same issue?

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  1. answered 2022-06-16T16:45:38.483+00:00
    Michael Taylor 37,616 Reputation points

    It sounds like you're talking about browser policies. You should not be editing the registry directly under any circumstances. Edge, like pretty much everything else, has group policies that it uses to enforce settings. You should be configuring these things using GP. You can then apply the policies at the domain, computer or user level depending upon your needs.

    It isn't clear to me which policy you're actually trying to set up as basic auth is already turned on in Edge, at least for HTTPS connections. But here is a starter link to the Edge policies. My recommendation is to open the Group Policy Editor on your machine and find the one that seems most appropriate. Policies can be confusing in my experience.

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