how to convert the system drawing color to hex

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denesh neupane 121 Reputation points

how can i convert the system drawing color to hex ?? i tried the below listed code but it gives 00000000 always

       Color myColor = textBox26.BackColor;    
          System.ComponentModel.TypeConverter converter =  
          string colorAsString = converter.ConvertToString(textBox26.BackColor);  
          int ColorValue = Color.FromName(colorAsString).ToArgb();  
         textBox26.Text= string.Format("{0:x6}", ColorValue);  
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    Castorix31 65,246 Reputation points

    For example :

         Color myColor = textBox26.BackColor;  
         int nColorWin32 = ColorTranslator.ToWin32(myColor);  
         textBox26.Text = string.Format("{0:X8}", nColorWin32);
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