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Hi , we are planning to implement an active active AKS cluster setup across Australia east and Australia Canberra region. the web traffic will be load balanced through traffic manager however in the backend it will write to the database instance which should be synced across regions. This is for HA DB requirement. could you please review the attached and advice whether two SQL PaaS instances are really required or one would be enough. Else what would be the best alternative for both Azure SQL as well as Azure Postgres from active active config perspective. Each user connecting from the different geography should always get the updated data record.


Azure SQL Database
Azure Database for PostgreSQL
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    Alberto Morillo 24,631 Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    You can have two Azure SQL Databases being active-active (in-sync between them and both read-write) using SQL Data Sync.

    With Azure SQL Postgres you cannot have read-write replicas and SQL Data Sync is not supported. You can use Azure SQL or use Cosmos DB that allows geographically distributed databases.

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