Azure function as common service for multiple projects

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whenever an image is uploaded to Blob storage, it will trigger azure function. This Azure function will create thumbnail of the image & place it in another folder of storage. Now I want this Azure function to be used as common service in multiple projects in which connection strings(of storage) of multiple projects should be handled wisely,

How to achieve that.

Azure Functions
Azure Functions
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    Hi @KumawatSumeet-4295 ,

    Thanks for reaching out to Q&A forum.

    You can either create multiple function apps or have one dedicated function app and create multiple blob triggered functions inside the same function app. Whenever we create a new blob triggered function, the storage account connection needs to be specified, lets's say you create a new connection with the name "storage-connection-1", and this connection name gets added to the app setting under the configuration section. So for every blob triggered function you will have separate connection names that contain the connection string of the storage account. So the connections are handled by the function app itself, you can further secure it by adding keyvault references to these connection settings.

    I hope this helps!

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