UWP D3D12 Compute shader super slow on XBOX

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Hi Guys,

We have developed an UWP D3D12 Compute app, which heavily relies on GPU memory bandwidth.

The kernel can run at 600 time per sec on a laptop GPU RTX3060 and 450 time per sec on an AMD laptop GPU RX 6700S.

However, it only runs at 20 time per sec on a XBOX Series S. XBOXs' GPU should be similar to AMD laptop GPU RX 6700S.

We already set it to game mode on XBOX and it's in release build.

According to https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/uwp/xbox-apps/system-resource-allocation

UWP game mode should have full access to available GPU cycles. Any ideas on why it cannot get the full GPU power on XBOX? Looks like I'm not getting the full GPU memory bandwidth.

For your reference
XBOX series S bandwidth: 10 GB of GDDR6 RAM: 8GB @ 244 GB/s, 2 GB @ 56 GB/s
NVIDIA RTX3060 bandwidth: 360GB/s
AMD RX 6700s bandwidth: 224GB/s


Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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