Some Word APIs does not work on IE11 built in one-time purchase Word 2019

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I'm developing a Word add-in and trying to support IE11 built in one-time purchase Word 2019.

I noticed when I run the following code samples, they don't work but with 365 Word 2019 or one-time purchase Word 2019 with Edge, they work.

   JavaScript (context) {  
     var FindTerm = 'some term here';  
     var searchResults =, { matchWildcards: true });  
     context.load(searchResults, 'text, font'); // Does not work  

   JavaScript (context) {  
     return context.sync().then(function () {  
       // Some code  
       return context.sync();  

I set the version to 1.3 in my manifest file like below.

               <Set Name="WordApi" MinVersion="1.3"/>  
  • context.load()
  • context.sync()

Don't they work on Word 2019 with IE11 or the problem lies somewhere else?

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