Movement of Azure Resources from the US to EU.

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Hi All,

I have three resource groups in my Azure tenancy. All of the resources are listed as located in the North Europe, West Europe and Europe when I access All Resources service. When I open the cost management and billing section blade and navigate to the cost analysis section and select the cost by resource the MicrosoftAzureActiveDirectory/b3cDirectories are located in us east, a Static Web App us east 2 and microsoft.insights/actiongroups us north central. How can get these resources moved from the US to the EU?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Azure Resource Mover
Azure Resource Mover
An Azure service used for moving multiple resources between Azure regions.
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    Steps below :

    1 In the Azure portal, open the relevant resource group.
    2 In the resource group page, select the resources that you want to move.
    3 Select Move > Move to another region.
    4 In Source + destination, select the target region to which you want to move the resources. Then select Next.
    5 In Resources to move, select Next.
    6 In Select resources, select resource you want to move. You can only add resources supported for move. Then select Done.
    7 In Move resources, select Next.
    8 In Review + Add, check the source and target details.
    9 Confirm that you understand that metadata about the resources being moved will be stored in a resource group created for this purpose, and that you allow Resource Mover to 10 create a system-managed identity to access the subscription resources.
    11 Select Proceed to begin adding the resources.
    12 The add resource operation starts. When the operation completes, the notifications show that resources were added, and deployment succeeded.
    13 In the notifications, select Adding resources for move.
    14 After selecting the notification, the resources you selected are added to a move collection in the Azure Resource Mover hub. Resource Mover helps you to check dependencies, and then start moving resources to the target region.

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