Is this a common observation for Azure Services:

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I know this is not the place for this question, but there is no other place where someone might care just a bit for Azure Services.
I'm the tip of an iceberg, there is no doubt about it.

I wonder if this is something happening often with Azure Support.
That is, massive delays to procees a simple billing ticket (months... m o n t h s) and failure to provide a solution?
Add to that weeks of no response, to my follow-ups but even to the supervising manager?

I had to kill my card so I stop getting charged!

Apart from the human factor, the platform looks as if it is designed to facilitate errors and prevent finding the root cause.
Even when one manages to find the "right" page, the UI has the last word, with the help of irregular email notifications, one contradicting another.

Paradox, I have both a refund and a debt and 0 remaining balance. A user ID has 3 conflicting payment statuses active
That's fascinating.

And it makes me wonder, whoever is responsible has completely gave up trying?

The mess is so embedded that unless you purge everything and rebuild it, you essentially have... well a "sentient UI" saying "kill all humans' time"

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