Single Sign-On ISS 6.2 - One of two sites Intermittently asking for credentials

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Currently in our testing environment, one IIS site (out of two) intermittently asks for credentials.

Our monitoring responds with 401 errors (believe due to login prompt) - shown below: (shortened)

GET / - 80 - Microsoft+Monitoring+Agent+7.1.10184.0 - 401 2 5 0

Both sites are configured for SSO, the other site works fine all the time, even while the affected site is having issues.

This issue is intermittent - occurred 2 days out of 7 this week.

We currently have a workaround of restarting only the affected site, which then allows users to access via SSO,

and we even have an automated task for this.

However I would still like to resolve the root issues itself. Event gaining a greater understanding of how a user SSO request can be transformed into needing credentials, and what common causes of this may be. Any help is greatly Appreciated.

Additional info:

-IIS version 6.2 used

-Windows server 2012 R2 used

Internet Information Services
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