Issue with sign-in with an Apple ID using Azure Active Directory B2C


We are following these docs for Apple ID auth:

During sign in, we are getting the below error:

Could not acquire token: Error Domain=MSALErrorDomain Code=-50000 "(null)" UserInfo={MSALErrorDescriptionKey=AADB2C99002:+User+does+not+exist.+Please+sign+up+before+you+can+sign+in.

Checked the sign in with email and it works fine once signup is done.
But with apple only sign in option is showing and getting this error on sign in.

Is there any additional settings needed that is not in the doc?

Azure Active Directory External Identities
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  1. 2022-07-05T02:23:12.847+00:00

    We got the cause, it was due to using wrong userflow.

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