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I'm hoping someone could give me some advice.

The system in place that we have right now for our render farm relies on our homebrew interface between software like Maya and our HPC cluster. This interface is currently implemented using IronPython 2. The main point of concern is that we would like to keep the system relatively the same and upgrade to a Python 3 environment, however, IronPython 3 does not currently have a "stable" release as of yet and this is needed for .NET dependencies for our cluster. The alternative .NET Python 3 library is too large/complex for the scope of the project so its use is out of the question.

For reference our current, general system overview is:

User inputs job details via Qt4 UI from within software plugin/script (Maya, Houdini, etc.)
IronPython 2 Script gathers information and spools job
HPC cluster manages the job and produces output

We could consider using a different language if the .NET dependency is handled gracefully. We also have considered using Pixar's Tractor system as well if we can't find a way to migrate our current system to a more up-to-date state.

Does anyone have any advice on what we could do to get past this impasse?

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