After VBA POP-UP need to Undo the previous action

Anbuselvam Kovilmani 41 Reputation points

Dear Excel Expert

By using the below Sheet1 code I am getting a pop-up Message When I edit Sheet2("E10:G11")

But I need to modify the code to .Undo the previous action after a pop-up message. I don't know how and what code to be changed.

When I edit Sheet2("E10:G11").Value Then Sheet1("K15:M15").Value will change. If the Sheet1 value gets negative then the pop-up will alert the user. At the same time, I want to do Undo the previous action after the alert message.

Workbook Link is below.!AiSRNak3QYCfg4Q64uYUr1fjjG7aGQ?e=1cGJWx

Please do the modification in the code. Thanks in advance.

Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()  
For Each Cell In Range("$K$15:$M$15")  
    If Cell.Value < 0 Then MsgBox "WARNING! RAW MATERIALS Stock is not enough in the RM Code:- " & Cell.Offset(-2, -1).Value & " - " & Cell.Offset(-1, -1).Value, vbOKOnly, "CONSUMPTION IS MORE THAN THE RM STOCK"  
Next Cell  
End Sub  
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  1. Olaf Helper 41,496 Reputation points

    There ist the command
    but see remarks: and it must be the first line in the macro
    So I don't think you get it working in your code.

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  2. Anbuselvam Kovilmani 41 Reputation points

    Thanks for your swift response @Olaf Helper

    I searched on the websites and the forums too.

    I found the below code can do Undo Action

    With Application: .EnableEvents = False: .Undo: .EnableEvents = True: End With

    But I don't know how and where to insert the code.

    Only IF POP-UP Message Comes then it should trigger the undo otherwise no need to run the line.

    Please guide me on how to add those lines to the existing code?

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