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A bug tracking system has a table of all opened bugs:
if a bug is not closed yet - the closed date is null

bug_id opened_date (dd/mm/yyyy) closed_date (dd/mm/yyyy)

1 01/01/2015 04/01/2015
2 02/01/2015 null
3 03/01/2015 04/01/2015

what sql can I write that will create the following report:

date (dd/mm/yyyy) number of opened bugs

01/01/2015 1
02/01/2015 2
03/01/2015 3
04/01/2015 1


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  1. LiHong-MSFT 10,036 Reputation points

    Hi @dani shamir
    Suppose you have a calendar table say #Date, then you can try the query below:

    CREATE TABLE #Bug(bug_id int,opened_date DATE,closed_date DATE)  
    INSERT INTO #Bug VALUES(1,'01/01/2015','1/04/2015'),(2 ,'01/02/2015', null),(3 ,'01/03/2015', '1/4/2015')  
    SELECT D.TheDate,COUNT(B.bug_id) AS Num_of_OpenedBugs  
    FROM #Date D JOIN #Bug B ON D.TheDate>=B.opened_date AND D.TheDate<(CASE WHEN B.closed_date IS NULL THEN GETDATE() ELSE B.closed_date END)  
    GROUP BY TheDate  

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  1. Viorel 109.9K Reputation points

    Check a similar problem. I think that it can be adjusted for your case.

    set dateformat dmy  
    declare @homeworks table (id int, start_date date, end_date date)  
    insert @homeworks values  
    ( 1, '01/01/2015', '04/01/2015' ),  
    ( 2, '02/01/2015', null         ),  
    ( 3, '03/01/2015', '04/01/2015' )  
    select * from @homeworks  
    with C as  
        select min(start_date) as start_date, max(end_date) as end_date  
        from @homeworks  
    L as  
        select start_date as [date], end_date  
        from C  
        union all  
        select dateadd(day, 1, [date]), end_date  
        from L  
        where [date] < end_date  
    select [date],   
      (select count(*) from @homeworks where [start_date] <= L.[date]  and (end_date is null or end_date > L.[date])) as [number of unfinished works]  
    from L  
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