EXCEL VBA stops after openXML

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the program is to open and process a series of XML files in a folder.
the program will STOP RUNNING right after the openXML statement. i placed a msgbox right after just to indicate the program is running, and the msgbox does not come out. the remaining process also is not executed.

xStrPath = "D:\DATA\google drive\BOBBY 2022\RADIO LOG\log MANUAL finished\EXPORTED\EXPORTED"  
xFile = Dir(xStrPath & "\*.xml")  
' Switch off events triggering to disable Workbook_Open actions  
Application.EnableEvents = False  
Application.ScreenUpdating = False  
Application.DisplayAlerts = False  

Do While xFile <> ""  
	' prepare to open  
	XMLfile = xStrPath & "\" & xFile  
	' open XML file  
	Application.Workbooks.OpenXML Filename:=XMLfile, LoadOption:=xlXmlLoadImportToList  
	' a debuging statement only  
	MsgBox ("AFTER openXML file=" & xFile)  
	call process_this_wb(xFile)  
	' next file  
	xFile = Dir()  
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