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According to
one can check if an object already exists and delete before trying to create a replacement;
// Get the table named "MyTable".
let myTable = workbook.getTable("MyTable");

// If the table is in the workbook, myTable will have a value.
// Otherwise, the variable will be undefined and go to the else clause.
if (myTable) {
let worksheetName = myTable.getWorksheet().getName();
console.log(MyTable is on the ${worksheetName} worksheet);
} else {
console.log(MyTable is not in the workbook.);

But I am finding this is not the case with the Shapes collection. If I use the above method to check if a shape with a name already exists, I get a 'Resource does not exist' error. Instead I can only get the colelction and iterate through it to find a specific shape;

let Allshapes = the_worksheet.getShapes();
Allshapes.forEach((shape) =>
if (shape.getName() === "Logo")

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