Unbreakable Repair loop

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This is not a question, but a developer suggestion.

The other day I was downloading a trusted program however defender sometimes cant get out of its own way. And in the process it made an excuse of an issue gave me the blue screen of death for a clock_watchdog_error. I find this laughable since I have several monitoring systems all functioning on my tower and an overclocking issue would be the least of the issues to come up since I didnt over clock my PC and its literally less than two months old. No spikes in the clock speed were present and suddenly :( "insert stupid excuse for an apology from windows here". Ok, I can deal with blue screen of death, and when I was troubleshooting the issue it happened two more times then unbreakable repair loop. This is my computer not yours, windows has no right to lock me out of my PC. The three strikes system to lock people out of their computers is a crap policy and I suggest the removal of the unbreakable repair loop. Now lets move on to the repair loop and why I way its unbreakable. Its unbreakable because it is a smart yet stupid repair loop. Smart because it can locate the back up and OS repair image, and even run through the entire system (with my help in the command prompt) looking for errors. But is is stupid because even with all those things the other options to do anything with the information that it found (actually I found in the command prompt) it still insists that those thing were unable to be found. So as much as you guys may think this was a great idea to keep people from damaging their PC's it really wasn't, once in that loop the only way to fix it is to delete everything and reinstall windows. SO, there is a chink in win11 armor and there you have it, my suggestion is that instead of a repair loop you get an integrity corruption alert and windows does the automatic windows reinstall while not making people loose documents and save files for everything from video games(not important) to tax documents and resumes (Important). Sure its an inconvenience time wise but its much better than the alternative.

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    In this case, I advise you to open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and file a suggestion. It is recommended to write it in professional language like what is the actual behavior and how you expect it to change and why and add as much as details as possible.