Data factory external call settings disappearing

Brent Leslie 411 Reputation points

This has happened to me on numerous occasions now, to the point where I have to store the definitions of the external call offline. I have data factory with a git repository. Since this has just happened again, I thought to raise this bug

I set up a new Data Flow and add an external call transformation. I then set all the parameters of the external call transformation, including 2 fixed mappings:


I save the Data Flow and wait for the save to complete, which it does successfully.

After refreshing the tab, I then get:


Notice the mappings have disappeared. It doesn't seem to matter whether I publish this or not, the mappings eventually disappear. Sometimes they stick for a little while but I don't know what causes them to stick or what causes the mappings to disappear.

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  1. MartinJaffer-MSFT 25,996 Reputation points

    BrentLeslie-2638 , I have my repro findings:

    So I made a dataflow, on a git-enabled Data Factory. Added external call, and wrote some random letters into new mapping. Saved. Reloaded. Then checked the Git repo to see whether it was recorded.

    Git view:
    UI view after reload:
    script view after reload:

    So, as we can see, it was recorded, but not loaded properly.

    I'm looking now for any related known issues. I have not found any so far.
    Since I was able to reproduce the issue I will escalate internally (file a bug report), unless you would like a support ticket?

    You mentioned this happened not all the time, but some times? Is this correct? Anything you may have noticed differentiating the two would help pin down the precise cause. Anything from time between save and reload, to expression used in the mapping might help.

  2. MartinJaffer-MSFT 25,996 Reputation points

    This is a known product issue, and a fix is expected in the next 2 weeks.