Remove decommissioned cross domain group from user

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I have a user that is a member of a group in another domain that was decommissioned. Thus, when accessing the user account, there is an error that throws that a domain controller could not be contacted. This is creating issues for the user.
The set up is a root domain, and two child domains, and is decommissioned. The user account belongs to and the group resided in
The only way to get a list of groups the account belongs to without throwing an error is the following command:
(Get-ADUser -Identity <useraccount> -Properties MemberOf | select MemberOf).MemberOf
If I pipe the command to Remove-ADGroupMember or Remove-ADPrincipalGroupMemberShip it will of course throw an error that it cannot find the group.

All the research I've done I cannot find a way to forcibly remove this group from the user account.

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