IT requires MS Office Login Data to do an initial setup of a laptop

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Dear Members,

I am a little bit desperated and hope someone can me help soon to find an answer/solution.

I've got an MS Office Mail account from our Company IT where I did a password change after login.
Now I will get an laptop from our Company IT and got asked to send my login data, as it is needed for the laptop setup.

In my opinion this is against privacy policy and I told so our Company IT. I've got the answer, that instead they will reset my password to be able to setup the laptop as they are using Intune.

For me this is really strange and does not meet any privacy policy.

Can somebody tell me if there is another solution?


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  1. Dillon Silzer 52,736 Reputation points

    I'm really taking a swing in the dark as there isn't a lot technical information provided.

    1 - Does the organization you work for use Multi-factor authentication? Do they have Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) setup? If so, you might be able to reset your work account's password using:

    At my organization from time to time we have to assist with resetting employee's passwords for them, but we primarily resort to having them reset their own password using SSPR as seen above.

    2 - Another point is that after you give them a password to set you can always CTRL+ALT+DELETE on your PC and Reset your password so they are unaware of your real password. If your machine is using Intune as mentioned, this will change your password for your e-mail as well (and match it).


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  2. Limitless Technology 39,181 Reputation points

    Hi there,

    As per my understanding, there is stricter regulation in some certain organizations that will not allow even IT teams to store our passwords but it depends upon your Policy. It is best if you can clearly understand the policy and then proceed. If you can confident in setting up your own device then you can enquire whether they can image the PC and you can setup your account.


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