I asked for help and was put on an expensive service contract...

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I am a translator and I subscribe to MS Machine translation. I moved country a few years ago and wanted to update my information. I was told I could not change my country under current settings I had to set up a new account in my new country and transfer my subscriptions, I thought this was a routine request. I am not a developer I find Azure difficult to get around. Apparently this reasonable request was interpreted as a request for service and I was put on a €30 a month service contract just to change my account details! I was contacted several time by numerous assistants who failed and delayed to even set up the account a transfer my subs, I couldn't even understand what they were asking me to do half the time and why they were asking me to do it. In the end I lost my temper with them and told them to either transfer my subs or bug off, I could no longer stand the thought of having to log on to bloody Azure again. Apparently they still haven't transferred them and MS have now charged me NINETY EUROS for NOTHING!

I want my money returned. It was taken under false pretences.

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