VS-2019 Debugging MFC

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I'm using MFC as a shared DLL in a program with an EXE and a number of my own DLLs, some of which use MFC.

Using VS-2019, when I step through my program's DEBUG build, it won't step into the MFC library source code.

How do I get it to do so?


Visual Studio Debugging
Visual Studio Debugging
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  1. RLWA32 28,676 Reputation points

    You can use the MFC symbol files that were installed with Visual Studio. In the debugging options uncheck the Microsoft Symbol Server and add the path to the symbol files that were installed with Visual Studio.
    For example, in a VS2017 installation (32 bit VM) the locally installed MFC symbol files are used as follows -

    Of course you would specify the appropriate path on your own system to use the local files.

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