How to take backup of Manged Metadata Service application using powerhsell

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Hi I have a SharePoint 2013 Dev farm and one Manged Metadata Service application , i want to create another managed metadata service application in same farm with the backup of existing managed metadata service application. here i want to

How to take backup of Manged Metadata Service application using powerhsell 2.Restore in Same farm with another Name. Purpose is i want to use the same Groups,TermSets and Terms for another web applications site collection.

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  1. answered 2020-09-11T14:56:28.013+00:00
    Sharath Kumar Aluri 3,061 Reputation points

    Take a backup of the database and restore with a different name to be safe, and then delete the service application with out deleting the database attached to it and then recreate the service application with a new name by placing earlier existing database details. below article will help you to do in step by step.

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  1. answered 2020-09-12T16:45:34.983+00:00
    Trevor Seward 11,491 Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    I fully support backing up just the database and restoring that, though you will lose a couple of the MMS settings (i.e. Content Type hub location). If you want to grab that information along with the MMS database, you can use this to backup MMS:

    Backup-SPFarm -Item 'Farm\Shared Services\Shared Services Applications\Managed Metadata Service Application' -Directory \\server\shareName -BackupMethod Full  

    To make sure you're backing up the correct item, you can use Backup-SPFarm -ShowTree.

    See Backup-SPFarm for more information on how to use the cmdlet.

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  2. answered 2020-09-15T09:52:36.757+00:00
    JoyZ 17,886 Reputation points

    Hi @adil ,

    As trevor said, we could backup the Managed Metadata Service Application using powershell .

    However per my test, it is not possible to restore it to another Managed Metadata Service Application in the same farm.

    If you don't specify the original Managed Metadata Service Application, it will show as follows:


    So backup and restore could not achieve your purpose.

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