Visual Studio - SSAS tabular - long time of implementing changes in model locally

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Hi all,

I have an issue with locally stored SSAS tabular model in Visual Studio (let's name it Model_2 for purpose of convenience). Any change in code (change of metric description or definition) takes at least 2 minutes to calculate and when creating calculated table it takes >4 minutes.

  1. Compatibility level 1200, Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2019 Version 16.11.17 x32 bits (latest version of VS 2019)
  2. Integrated Workspace Mode = True
  3. What's important that once tabular is deployed, it's performance is satisfying. Only locally, when using model stored in a Disk Space it is causing an issue.
  4. Other people within organisation has the same issue when using this code version.
  5. Model is 1.9GB which is not a lot in comparison to other projects we run with no issue
  6. One of previous version of code (Model_1), which is working smoothly, does not contain one additional data source and 4 tables from this data source. It also does not contain metrics
    folders and descriptions for metrics/tables/columns. After removing data source and tables from latest version (Model_2) models' performance didn't improve, which may indicate that these
    additional tables are not cause of this issue.
  7. Deleting workspace file "model_bim_<username>.settings" helped but only for couple of changes.
  8. Copying model.bim from Model_2 to Model_1 caused the same issue which may indicate that model.bim contains some bugs, but as I compared it in Tabular Comparison tool I didn't spot
    any other diffrence than described in point 6.

Do you have any idea what should I check in order to fix it?
Thanks in advance!


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