Get-ADComputer -Filter on LastLogonDate - why does one method work and not the other?

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Running PowerShell to get list of users which meet criteria from AD, can someone explain to me why the first query with hard coded date works fine and returns results:-

$ADcomputers2 = Get-ADComputer -Filter "OperatingSystem -notlike '*Server*' -and Name -notlike 'TEST*' -and LastLogonDate -gt '15 July 2021 16:22:17'" | select-object -Expand Name  

But this second one using a variable for date returns no results even though value of $LastUsed is exactly the same format / value as I used in the above test?

$LastUsed = (Get-Date).AddDays(-365)  
$ADcomputers = Get-ADComputer -Filter "OperatingSystem -notlike '*Server*' -and Name -notlike 'TEST*' -and LastLogonDate -gt '$LastUsed'" | select-object -Expand Name  
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  1. Rich Matheisen 44,006 Reputation points

    When $lastUsed is used in the way you're using it, the object's "ToString()" method will return " AM" or " PM" at the end of the returned value.

    If you change your filter to " . . . -and LastLogonDate -gt '15 July 2021 4:22:17 PM'" does it still work?