How to open same page as nested with Shell Flyout?

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I worked at xamarin forms for a long time. I have an app running on xamarin forms thats published to the market currently. I'm doing preliminary work to migrate this app to maui. But I have some problems.

I have a page template and when I press a button in this template, another page in the same template opens again. (For example, I have an application such as google drive. There is a listview in the page. The names of the folders and files are listed in this listview. If I press the folder name in the list, I want to show the new folders and files in the new page. So the template of the page is the same, but the pages different.)
For this, I am having trouble navigating with shell.

I created very simple project for now. It only has AppShell.xaml and MainPage.xaml. I registered the MainPage in AppShell.xaml.cs. (MainPage is ContentTemplate in the AppShell.xaml).
I added a button to MainPage that called "GoNextPage" and if clicked the button, it tries to open the same page again. (with the command "await Shell.Current.GoToAsync(nameof(MainPage));")

But when I try to do this I get an error like this:
"System.Exception: 'Relative routing to shell elements is currently not supported. Try prefixing your uri with / //:///MainPage'"

How can I solve this?
I added sample project in the following link:

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Wenyan Zhang (Shanghai Wicresoft Co,.Ltd.) 24,706 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hello @Pelin Konaray ,

    As described in .NET MAUI Shell navigation - .NET MAUI | Microsoft Learn, the routes in an app should be unique. You have set the route in ShellContent :

            ContentTemplate="{DataTemplate local:MainPage}"  
            Route="MainPage" />  

    And you set the route again in AppShell.xaml.cs , you could try to set a different route:

     Routing.RegisterRoute("SecondMainPage", typeof(MainPage));// the different rout as you said" the template of the page is the same, but the pages different"  
     //  Routing.RegisterRoute(nameof(MainPage), typeof(MainPage));  

    Then you can go to the next page :

     await Shell.Current.GoToAsync("SecondMainPage");  

    Another way to achieve this, you don't have to register routes, try to find the navigation, then push a new page

    await Shell.Current.Navigation.PushAsync(new MainPage());  

    Best Regards,
    Wenyan Zhang

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