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We currently use RealVNC for remote access to our on-prem workstations. We setup an Azure VM (Windows 10) and while it works great with RDP, we noticed it does not behave the same as an on-prem workstation with regard to RealVNC and screen resolution. Specifically, we can connect via RDP and things look great based on the screen resolution selected in the RDP client. When connecting from RealVNC, the highest screen resolution is 1920x1080. It's not a bad resolution but we operate mostly with 2K and 4K resolutions (which we can set with the RDP client) . Again, I can select various resolutions up to 4K when connecting with RDP, but RealVNC limits me to 1920x1080.

RealVNC and RDP operate differently but I'm wondering if there's a way to change my Azure VM so that it allows a higher resolution than 1920x1080. I noticed the VM uses a "Microsoft Hyper-V Video" driver which is probably linked to why I'm only seeing HD resolutions and nothing higher.

Has anyone else solved this dilemma or at least gotten to the point where they've identified there is nothing that can be done?

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