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Scrollable Pivot with header

Hi there, I want to have a Pivot with a scrollable header so I made a style for my self like below


And using this style I can have a header in my pivot using Tag property

                  <TextBlock Text="Hear is my header"/>
         <PivotItem Header="P1">
         <PivotItem Header="P2">

But I have little problems with this style
1. I can't scroll the header and when I put all the pivot in the ScrollViewer while I have an Incremental loading list inside my pivot items it will cause infinite loading of the content. It will call LoadMore function with no delay and load more and more every second
2. If I have a header with height > PageFrameHeight it will show a blank page to me. like the screenshots below:


Is there any good style or control for solving my problem?
And for helping in answering I have to say my application "Winsta" Minimum target version is 14393 (Anniversary Update) and Target is 18362 or 19H1 update.
Also, I'm using Microsoft.Toolkit.UWP.UI.Controls package V2.2.0

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Hi, Can you provide a minimum runnable demo so that we can reproduce your problem? I tried your style and it doesn't show Pivot.Tag on the UI. In addition, if your Content uses a WebView, then the scrolling of the WebView is independent and not controlled by the external ScrollViewer. You are actually scrolling the content of the WebView, not the control.

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yes, I can but it needs a little time. I will try to create a sample for you ASAP

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Sure, I'll be waiting for you.

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