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Visual Studio for Mac 2022 (Xamarin) - Where has "Create NuGet Package" gone?

To create a NuGet package in VS Mac 2019, I would right-click my project and select "Create NuGet Package" which would build my .nupkg. There was also a handy GUI in the Project Options to edit the NuGet package metadata, like setting the package description, version number, copyright info, etc.

Having upgraded to VS Mac 2022, the "Create NuGet Package" option is missing, and the NuGet metadata GUI has also gone.

I can't see any way to create a NuGet package anymore in VS Mac 2022. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious... please help!

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Hi @JonathanEllis-0335 , You choose the Multiplatform Library Template for your project via VS for Mac 2019 and try to select "Create NuGet Package" from the .nupkg, right? Base on my testing, Multiplatform Library Template is missing on VS for Mac 2022, you could report your problem to the product team, see : How to report a problem in Visual Studio for Mac.

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Hi @WenyanZhang-MSFT - this isn't actually a multiplatform library, we have separate libraries for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android - nonetheless, we cannot find any button to create a .nupkg file from within VS Mac 2022. How does one create NuGet packages in VS Mac 2022?

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