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Latency before first Characteristic ValueChanged Event

We are developing a BLE notepad,

SDK available:

The notepad collects 200 NotePenPointer per seconds and transfers the data though BLE.
But there seem to be a latency before the GattCharacteristic.ValueChanged triggered

I've tried the BluetoothLEExplorer, same issure. Is there any work around?

When developing on Android, we use BluetoothGatt#requestConnectionPriority) to solve a similiar problem.


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Can you please use this guidance to provide your Bluetooth log for us to check? This will be more helpful.

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Sure. Right now

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Can you please collect the traces again? This time start with the device disconnected, connection and then the perceived delay. If you can quantify the delay/latency you are perceiving that would also help. The trace you shared does not show 200 events per second and does not show any delay in the OS.

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