Search Administration not found (on-prem Sharepoint 2016)

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Trying to get to search administration console features from central admin isn't working. It used to be working, no clue what's changed.

Attempting to connect to /_layouts/15/termstoremanager.aspx results in:
The resource object with key 'IBFN_FacetedNavigationTab_PinnedTermNotificationText' was not found.

Attempting to connect to /searchadministration.aspx?appid=879f2ec7-5e91-49d6-8f2e-9a384f6a707f results in:
The resource object with key 'SearchAppAdminDashboard_Title' was not found.

I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling central admin and also installing central admin on the other server in my 2-server min-role-adherent on-prem 2016 farm, but no help, no change in access.

This seems to be limited to the central admin webapp.

Within any site collection I've checked, connecting to the termstore, Search Result Sources, Search Result Types, Search Query Rules, Search Schema, Search Settings is not a readily detectable issues.

Having run search diagnostics on the server with the Search and Application Server roles, here is the result of the "New-SrxReport" command:

Test(s) finished in Time: [0:0:4.0]
Test Level Headline

AllowPartialResults Normal AllowPartialResults is set to False in the SSA
Farm Info Build Version: 16.0.5044.1000
FarmAdminSyncTimerJob Normal 'Application Server Administration Service Timer Job' is running on all Search servers
FarmCoreServiceProxies Normal A Service Application Proxy for each core service exists and is online
FarmDefaultSSAProxy Normal 'SSAProxy' is the default SSA Proxy in the [default] Proxy Group
FarmServiceInstances Normal All applicable Search Service Instances are 'Online'
FarmSSAName Normal This farm has only one SSA [ Name: SearchServiceApplication ]
FarmULSLogging Normal ULS logging for search components set below Verbose levels
OSPingSearchServer Normal The Search server 'CITY-SPSAP' can be pinged
OSPingSQLServer Normal The SQL instance 'city-ssql' (via 'city-ssql') can be pinged
OSPowerPlan Normal All available search servers are using the 'High Performance' power plan
OSProcessRunning Normal All applicable Component related processes are running
OSServiceRunning Normal All applicable OS Services are running
OSVolumeProperties Normal The system configuration for each index data volume aligns to recommended guidance for compression, block size a...
SRxLogSize Normal Log file folders current size: 2.37 MB (D:\diags\var\log). Tmp file folders current size: 0.00 MB (D:\diags\var...
SSAAdminCompSync Normal Primary Admin Synchronized and Online (AdminComponent1 on CITY-SPSAP)
SSAComponentState Normal All Components in the Search Topology are 'Active'
SSAContentSourceSummary Normal SearchServiceApplication has 9 Content Sources (All crawls are idle)
SSACrawlNotStuckStarting Normal No crawls appear to be stuck in the 'Starting' state
SSACrawlPerformanceLevel Info Search Service: Maximum
SSADatabaseSizingLimits Normal The Search databases meet recommended sizing and scale thresholds
SSAEndPointAdminWeb Normal Each SearchAdmin.svc responds with 'OK' status
SSAEndPointSQSS Normal Each SearchService.svc responds with 'OK' status
SSAHasMultiAdminComps Warning It is recommended to have multiple Admin Components in the Search Topology
SSAIndexDiskReports Normal Index Components have enough estimated free disk space to perform a Master Merge
SSAIndexDocumentCount Normal Total searchable documents = 5891902 (Partition Count: 1 | Average: 5891902)
SSAIndexReplicaCount Warning Some index partitions have less than 2 replica(s).
SSAIsOnline Normal 'SearchServiceApplication' is Online
SSAMemorySize Normal All servers have sufficient RAM based on recommendations for their role
SSANoServerIdMismatch Normal Each Search Component references a valid [SPServer] ServerId
SSANoTopoChangeOccurring Normal There is no topology Activation in progress
SSANotPaused Normal 'SearchServiceApplication' is not paused (Status: 0)
SSASchemaProperties Normal 'SearchServiceApplication' is within suggested boundaries. It has less than 50,000 Managed Properties and 500,00...
SSASharedWithEveryone Exception Cannot convert value "...

Any insights, suggestions, or help would be appreciated, and thanks in advance....

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  1. Itch Sun-MSFT 2,531 Reputation points

    Hi @jess wundring
    Please run the command below to check the status of the search service instance.

    Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceInstance –Local  

    If it doesn't start, run the following command to turn it on.


    In addition, do you have some third-party apps installed in SharePoint Farm?

    You can check the ULS log for more relevant error information.

    If you have any updates, please feel free to let us know.

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  2. jess wundring 1 Reputation point

    > Please run the command below to check the status of the search service instance.

    PS D:\diags> Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceInstance  -Local
    TypeName                         Status   Id                                  
    --------                         ------   --                                  
    SharePoint Server Search         Online   f6a57052-0fb1-481f-b8ae-fb1fdfb7ec49

    > In addition, do you have some third-party apps installed in SharePoint Farm?

    I do. I have apps by Kwizcom, Infowise, and Enovapoint installed, as well as a branding solution using feature-stapling created by Salaudeen Rajack (

  3. jess wundring 1 Reputation point

    Thank you very much, Itchsun!

    I will get back to this next week and document the results of my efforts.