NFS + Storage Spaces?

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Hi all, how are you?

I have a very weird issue here, in one hand, I have a physical disk HDD with 500GB NTFS, with a NFS Shared folder with anonymous connection and works well (for create files, modify, etc).

In the other hand, I have a Storage Pool with lot of differents virtual disks created (with Tiering SDD-HDD, resiliency simple, NTFS and 64K cluster) in one of this virtual disk (disk F: -20TB) I have a lot of different NFS Shared folders, and lot of linux servers connected, writing and modifying files into the differents folders and it works well, however when If I try to connect using a Windows client, some kind of problems with permission appears, sometimes without access to create files, sometimes problems to modify the name of a file (but I can modify the content for these files).

Do you know if Storage Spaces and NFS have some kind of limitation in Windows Storage server 2016?

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