Log Analytics agent for Linux + Collectd, misaligned TimeGenerated timestamps in Azure

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I have both the Log Analytics (OMS) agent for Linux and collectd installed on a on-prem Ubuntu VM.

I'm sending various on-prem metrics, mostly ping and snmp, to Azure.

Collectd sends its data to the OMS agent on port 26000 (write_http), as explained in this page:


I noticed that the TimeGenerated timestamps of my metrics in Azure do not match those generated by collectd.

For ex. with ping.

Collectd is configured to ping a host every 10 sec.

The TimeGenerated timestamps in collectd go like:

10:34:57, value 0.182
10:34:47, value 0.266
10:34:37, value 0.181

And when the metrics are in Azure, this is what I see:

Multiple metrics have the same timestamps, 10:35:06 in this example.

I don't understand why the TimeGenerated timestamps get modified on the way to Azure...

Any idea?

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