Why am I still be charging for a disabled subscription?

asked 2020-09-15T23:16:25.197+00:00
Zhilin Lyu 1 Reputation point

Hi there, I wanted to explore Azure so I use this account for testing and connect it to my bank account, around 1 or 2 month ago I don't need to use this account anymore and disabled all subscriptions, but today I found that even I disable the subscription I still be charged for 187.47, can you guys explain why after I disable my subscription long long ago and still be charged? BTW, I tried to un-link this account to my bank account but failed, can you guys explain why? Please help me un-link this azure account with my bank account, I don't need any azure thing in this account and please also help me to see if I can take my money back. Thank you.



Azure Cost Management
Azure Cost Management
An Azure service that provides cloud cost management capabilities.
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