how to convert raw sql to entity linq

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select distinct Users.Name,Packages.PName,Packages.Price,RefEarning=(select Price*ReferCommission/100)
from Users inner join UserPackages on UserPackages.U_ID=Users.ID
inner join Packages on Packages.PID=UserPackages.P_ID
inner join Refers on Users.Ref_No=Refers.RefOf
where exists(
select Users.ID from users where Refers.RefOf='Gerfwscv6kOwnIM8hl_TiA'
) and UserPackages.PackageStatus='true'

SQL Server
SQL Server
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    Hi @Shahzaib khan

    I recommend you could try online converter:

    Linqer : sqltolinq

    You can reference : linqer-a-nice-tool-for-sql-to-linq-transition ,

    An SQL-> LINQ converter.

    Or LINQPad: linqpad


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  2. Shahzaib khan 6 Reputation points

    got it working with this

    var data = (from u in db.Users join up in db.UserPackages on u.ID equals up.U_ID
                            join p in db.Packages on up.P_ID equals p.PID
                            join r in db.Refers on u.Ref_No equals r.RefOf where /*(from u2 in db.Users select u2.ID).Any() && */ r.RefOf.Equals("GDnA47D6XkOwnIM8hl_TiA") && up.PackageStatus == true
                            select new ReferralsListView
                                Name = u.Name,
                                Package = p.PName,
                               Price = p.Price,
                                YouEarned = (p.Price * p.ReferCommission / 100),

  3. Edwin Klesman 0 Reputation points

    I've been working on a sideproject called LINQ Me Up ( that uses AI to convert SQL into C# LINQ code.

    It's SaaS, will cost you $8 p/month and helps to create good conversions within minutes.

    This is the result that LINQ ME Up gave me:

    var query = from visit in dbo.Visit
                join guestHouseBooking in dbo.GuestHouseBooking on visit.ID equals guestHouseBooking.VisitID into g
                from guestHouseBooking in g.DefaultIfEmpty()
                where visit.ArrivalDate.Month == 8 && visit.ArrivalDate.Year == 2022 && visit.Status == "Approved"
                group visit by new { visit.VisitorType1, visit.ArrivalDate.Year, visit.ArrivalDate.Month, visit.Status } into g
                select new
                    Status = g.Key.Status,
                    Year = g.Key.Year,
                    Month = g.Key.Month,
                    Type = g.Key.VisitorType1,
                    Count = g.Count(),
                    Sum = g.Sum(x => x.VisitorNum),
                    GHbooking = g.Count(x => x.GuestHouseBooking != null)
    var result = query.ToList();
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  4. Malick Traore 0 Reputation points

    I think you can convert SQL to LINQ using chatGPT

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