User uploading image - attachment[0].contentUrl doesn't appear valid

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Within the Bot Framework Composer test environment (Web Chat), the Bot prompts user to upload an image. This appears to be successful as diaglog.attachment when inspected shows a new .contentUrl. However If I try to display this image in a hero card:

title = Here is the photo you uploaded!
image = ${dialog.attachment[0].contenUrl}

It crashes the bot.

If I try to use the contentUrl in an API POST to Custom Vision, I get an error returned:

content": { "code": "BadRequestImageUrl", "message": "Invalid url: http://localhost:5000/v3/attachments/9bec26bb-c452-4a5c-abf8-fdc738438020/views/original"

So the issue appears to be with the image being stored in a valid URL. Any help much appreciated!

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