Powershell outputs to list for all cmdlets

Jay Carper 216 Reputation points

Somehow, Powershell has changed to format-list for all cmdlets. How do I change it back to the default output format for ALL cmdlets, not just one?

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Windows 10 Setup
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  1. Jay Carper 216 Reputation points

    I'm certain there must be a simpler way of accomplishing this, but I did manage to fix it. While working on a separate issue, I discovered that the computer had two versions of ExchangeOnlineManagement module installed (2.0.5 and 2.0.6). V2.0.6 has known problems with some UnifiedGroup cmdlets, so I uninstalled them both and reinstalled only v2.0.5.

    All cmdlets are now back to normal output.

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  2. Dillon Silzer 54,286 Reputation points

    Hi @Jay Carper

    Try adding out-default to the end of your command:


    Get-Process | Select-Object -First 5 | Out-Default



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  3. Aung Zaw Min Thwin 306 Reputation points

    What is your PS version?

    maybe, you can try Update-FormatData

    Pls check more details at about_Format

  4. Rich Matheisen 44,696 Reputation points

    Have any of the format files been changed? Check the "LastWriteTime" property:

    get-childitem $PSHOME | where {$_.name -like "*.Format.*"}