[VS2022][.Net 6.0] Can I see the callstack of program.cs main method invoker?

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I know Starting with .NET 6, the project template for new C# console apps generates the following code in the Program.cs file:
Console.WriteLine("Hello, World!");
// See https://aka.ms/new-console-template for more information

I wish to see the call stack source code above. i.e the main method starting. Is it possible?
Even after I enabled stepping into the .NET Framework source, I could not see the source file.
In the disassembly view of the call stack, the Go to the source file is disabled for this.

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  1. Bruce (SqlWork.com) 31,256 Reputation points

    there is no call stack. you are at the top of the stack. here is the generated IL code:

    .method private hidebysig static void  '<Main>$'(string[] args) cil managed  
      // Code size       12 (0xc)  
      .maxstack  8  
      IL_0000:  ldstr      "Hello, World!"  
      IL_0005:  call       void [System.Console]System.Console::WriteLine(string)  
      IL_000a:  nop  
      IL_000b:  ret  
    } // end of method Program::'<Main>$'  

    notice the .entrypoint that defines this as the code to call at startup.

    the program compiled to a .net dll. the generated hosting program (<name>.exe) is a C/C++ program that loads the dll, and calls the program code passing args. see:


    note: for min api, the C# compiler generates the main(string[] args) wrapper

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