VS 2022: Error when creating the app packages for more than one architecture

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It is not possible to select more than one target platform in VS 2022 without encountering an error when creating the packages.

It is easy to recreate:

  • Create an empty UWP project.
  • Associate it with a store app.
  • Open the app package creation dialog.
  • Choose as architecture (x86 + x64) or (x64 + ARM) or (x86 + ARM).

The following combinations work:

ARM64 + x86
ARM64 + x64

See Output here

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    This issue seems to be related to the environment that using now. After creating a new VM, installing the new Windows 11 and Visual Studio 2022, the problem seems to disappear.

    Thank you.

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  1. Heiko 1,051 Reputation points

    I have version 6.2.14 and VS 2022 17.3.0.

    I tried 6.2.13, but get the same errors.

    I tried 6.2.12.
    Now the following work:
    (x86 + x64)
    (x86 + ARM)
    (ARM + ARM64)
    (x64 + ARM64)

    But the following doesn't work with same errors:
    (x64 + ARM)
    (x86 + x64 + ARM + ARM64)

    Package created for x86 and built a msixupload file, but failed for ARM64 without any error:
    (x86 + ARM64)

    *Build started...
    1>------ Build started: Project: TestApp1, Configuration: Release ARM64 ------
    1> TestApp1 -> D:\VS Community 2022\MyProjects\Test\TestApp1\TestApp1\bin\ARM64\Release\TestApp1.exe
    1> Processing application code
    1> Computing application closure and generating interop code
    1> Loading 44 modules...
    1> Generating code...
    1> Interop code generated.
    1> Compiling interop code
    1> Generating System.Reflection.DispatchProxy proxy code.
    1> Cleaning up unreferenced code
    1> Generating native code
    1> Generating fixups for native code
    1> TestApp1 -> D:\VS Community 2022\MyProjects\Test\TestApp1\TestApp1\bin\ARM64\Release\TestApp1_1.0.24.0_ARM64.msix
    1> TestApp1 -> obj\ARM64\Release\Symbols\TestApp1_1.0.24.0_ARM64.appxsym
    1> TestApp1 -> D:\VS Community 2022\MyProjects\Test\TestApp1\TestApp1\bin\ARM64\Release\Upload\TestApp1_1.0.24.0\TestApp1_1.0.24.0_ARM64.appxsym
    1> TestApp1 -> D:\VS Community 2022\MyProjects\Test\TestApp1\TestApp1\AppPackages\TestApp1_1.0.24.0_Test\TestApp1_1.0.24.0_x86_arm64.msixbundle
    1> TestApp1 -> D:\VS Community 2022\MyProjects\Test\TestApp1\TestApp1\AppPackages\TestApp1_1.0.24.0_x86_arm64_bundle.msixupload
    1> Your package has been successfully created.

    Build: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========
    A package has been successfully built for Release (x86).

    Package: 1 succeeded, 1 failed ===========

    App Bundle: 1 succeeded, 1 failed ===========*

    I tried 6.2.11.
    The following work:
    (x86 + x64)

    The following doesn't work, with same errors:
    (x86 + ARM)

    I tried 6.2.10.
    The following work:
    (x86 + x64)

    The following doesn't work, with same errors:
    (x86 + ARM)

    The errors occur in VS 2022 under Windows 11. I don't think it has anything to do with microsoft.netcore.universalwindowsplatform, because in the production VM with Windows 10 and VS 2017 the UWP projects have the versions 6.2.8 and 6.2.13 and there I can build the packages and bundles for (x86 + x64 + ARM) without errors.

    I reinstalled version 6.2.14 (VS2022) and set the MSBuild verbose settings to Diagnostic. Now (x86 + x64) works, but (x86 + x64 + ARM + ARM64) not and (x86 + ARM) also doesn't work.

    Here is the Build output for the ARM package (x86 + ARM).