error-: report too large

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i am trying to load the data from quick base to data bricks it says report too large

below is the code-:


df = quickbasePull('b5zj8k_pbz5_0_cd5h4wbbpzyytd77n4nvp95b4u','bq2ma8jm7',24, )

Then i tried another code to pull report from quick base

Below is the code-:


import pyqb from pyspark.sql import * import pandas as pd qbc = pyqb.Client(url='',user_token='b5zj8k_pbz5_0_cd5h4wbbpzyytd77n4nvp95b4u',database='bq2ma8jm7') result = qbc.doquery(qid=24,database='bq2ma8jm7',fields=["1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8"]) samp = result['record'] df = pd.DataFrame(samp) df = spark.createDataFrame(df) df.createOrReplaceTempView('otl')

But it is giving me wrong result

plz help to resolve...............?

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