MSIPCCache Folder?

Steele Burgess 6 Reputation points

Have no idea what this folder is on my C: root. It's empty. Google search comes up blank which is strange. Thanks

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Windows Server Security
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  1. Heather Furr 6 Reputation points

    This same folder (also empty) was created yesterday at 5:20pm EST under C:. I was alerted by our file system monitor. I can confidently say this did not appear from anyone doing a deployment, update, etc. on my team. I'm seeing others on the internet report this folder also within the last 5 days. My server is a Windows Server 2016 running Exchange Server 2016. I have other Window Server 2016s but none of them have had the folder appear yet. I have only one instance of Exchange Server 2016 running.

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  2. Steele Burgess 6 Reputation points

    None. It's empty.

  3. Dillon Silzer 36,031 Reputation points

    From the looks of it and lack of anything in any search engine, it most likely has to do with a temp folder created from a deployment in your environment.

    Check with your team if anyone used it as a temporary storage when installing or pushing a change.


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  4. Steele Burgess 6 Reputation points

    Will do. Thanks

  5. Steele Burgess 6 Reputation points

    So Heather and I are the only people in the world that have noticed this mysterious folder appearing? It's weird that nobody seems to know anything about it.