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Installer Projects 2022 Extension Unrecoverable Build Error

Since upgrading Visual Studio Community 2022 to version 17.3, I am unable to build an installer project. The rest of the solution builds fine, but the installer project fails with:

Building file '...\Release\MyProjectName.msi'...
ERROR: Unrecoverable build error - 0x800700C1

It creates a .tmp file in the output directory before it fails, so I don't believe it is a permissions problem. I've tried running VS as administrator, but that doesn't help. I haven't been able to find any info on this error anywhere online.

Can anyone help with this? Thanks.

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I've not noticed any problems with my installer projects when using the 17.3 preview builds.
Does this occur for all your installer projects, or just one/some?
Have you tried creating a new project as a sanity check?

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I only have the one solution, but I can try creating a new one to see what it does. Any idea what error 0x800700C1 means? The messaging doesn't really give me any hits to go on. Thanks.

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The VS Error Lookup tool says its: "%1 is not a valid Win32 application. "!
If a clean project produces the same error, perhaps a re-install of the extension is needed (though I've never had any such need).

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Hello, do you have any update? You can also try to repair your VS2022 through Visual Studio Installer > More > Repair. And check if the error goes away.
If the error only occurs in installer project, I suggest you report it to Microsoft Visual Studio Installer Projects 2022 team.

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I have tried repairing VS2022, but that did not help. I tried creating a new, clean solution with a new win forms project and a new installer project, and still get the same error:

Building file 'C:\Users\dave\source\repos\WinFormsApp1\Setup1\Debug\Setup1.msi'...
ERROR: Unrecoverable build error - 0x800700C1

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