[LinkedIn] Is it possible to update content data through API?

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Hello everyone,

I'm investigating LinkedIn API docs (both legacy and August 2022 version). I would like to find some references to a content updates for ads and campaigns. For example, I've uploaded an image. Also I've created an article with the uploaded file and some post that based on this article. A bit later I decided to update the title of my new article but I am not able to do it though the endpoint which is described here (link). The response is:

       "serviceErrorCode": 100,  
       "code": "ACCESS_DENIED",  
       "message": "Unpermitted fields present in REQUEST_BODY: Data Processing Exception while processing fields [/patch/$set/content]"  

Well, it makes sense. Nevertheless, it's available to perform though Content Library page from Campaign Manager site.

Mainly I have two-three questions:

  1. Maybe is it possible to do at the moment but I can't find that in docs?
  2. If it isn't then is it planning to provide such functionality? (if it's planning then when will it be?)

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

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